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Gabber::ContactInfoDlg Class Reference

#include <ContactInfo.hh>

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Detailed Description

Contact Information Dialog. Displays various information about a JID, based on vCard.

Definition at line 42 of file ContactInfo.hh.

Public Member Functions

Gtk::Widget * get_widget (const Glib::ustring &name)
template<class T_Widget>
void get_widget (const Glib::ustring &name, T_Widget *&widget)
Gtk::Window * getGtkWindow () const
void hide ()
void raise ()
void show ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void display (JabberConnection &conn, Gtk::Window &parent, const Glib::ustring &jid)
static Glib::RefPtr
< Gnome::Glade::Xml > 
getGladeWidget (const Glib::ustring &widgetname)

Protected Member Functions

void close ()
 ContactInfoDlg (JabberConnection &conn, Gtk::Window &parent, const Glib::ustring &jid)
void get_status ()
virtual bool on_delete_event (GdkEventAny *e)
void on_presence_node (const judo::Element &e)
void on_PrettyJID_changed ()
void parse_disco (const jabberoo::DiscoDB::Item *item)
void parse_last (const judo::Element &t, bool offline)
void parse_time (const judo::Element &t)
void parse_vcard (const judo::Element &t)
void parse_version (const judo::Element &t)
void send_disco_request ()
void send_last_request (bool offline)
void send_time_request ()
void send_vcard_request ()
void send_version_request ()
void set_info_label (const Glib::ustring &label_name, const Glib::ustring &data)

Protected Attributes

Gtk::Window * _thisWindow

Private Attributes

Glib::ustring _jid
Glib::ustring _nickname
judo::XPath::Query * _presence_query

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