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Gabber::JabberConnection Class Reference

#include <JabberConnection.hh>

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Detailed Description

A Jabber Connection. This provides a nice wrapper around jabberoo + TCPTransmitter. GabberApp is a JabberConnection. Disconnection happens on deconstruction.

Definition at line 40 of file JabberConnection.hh.

Public Member Functions

void connect (bool login=true)
const jabberoo::Presence & get_my_presence ()
PacketQueuegetPacketQueue ()
jabberoo::Session & getSession ()
TCPTransmittergetTransmitter ()
bool is_connected ()
 JabberConnection ()
void set_password (const std::string &password)

Public Attributes

SigC::Signal0< void > evtConnected
SigC::Signal0< void > evtConnecting
SigC::Signal0< void > evtDisconnected
SigC::Signal0< void > evtLoggingIn
SigC::Signal0< void > evtReconnecting

Protected Member Functions

void on_server_disco (const jabberoo::DiscoDB::Item *item)
void on_serverchild_disco (const jabberoo::DiscoDB::Item *item)
void on_session_connected (const judo::Element &t)
void on_session_disconnected ()
void on_session_my_presence (const jabberoo::Presence &p)
void on_session_roster ()
void on_session_time (string &UTF8Time, string &UTF8TimeZone)
void on_session_version (string &name, string &version, string &os)
void on_transmitter_connected ()
void on_transmitter_disconnected ()
void on_transmitter_error (const string &emsg)
void on_transmitter_reconnect ()
void on_XML_ParserError (int error_code, const string &error_msg)

Protected Attributes

ConnectionInfo _connection_info
jabberoo::Presence _currPresence
jabberoo::Session * _session

Private Attributes

bool _connected
bool _login
SigC::Connection _roster_conn


struct  ConnectionInfo

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