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Gabber::PacketQueue Class Reference

#include <PacketQueue.hh>

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Detailed Description

Queues incoming packets based on jids.

Definition at line 62 of file PacketQueue.hh.

Public Types

typedef QueueIterator iterator
typedef std::list< QueueInfo > pqueue
typedef pqueue::iterator queue_iterator

Public Member Functions

pqueue::iterator begin ()
void close (const std::string &jid)
bool empty () const
pqueue::iterator end ()
QueueIterator end (const std::string &jid)
QueueIterator & erase (QueueIterator &it)
void flush ()
bool isQueued (const std::string &jid)
void loadFromDisk ()
QueueIterator open (const std::string &jid)
 PacketQueue (jabberoo::Session &sess)
void pop (queue_iterator it)
void pop ()
void pop (const std::string &jid)
void push (judo::Element *elem, const Glib::ustring &icon, const Glib::ustring &type)

Public Attributes

SigC::Signal2< void, const
std::string &, const
std::string & > 
 Event that is fired whenever a packet is queued for the specified user.
SigC::Signal2< void, const
QueueInfo &, const QueueInfo & > 
SigC::Signal1< void, const
std::string & > 
 Event that is fired whenever a packet is emptied for the specified user.
SigC::Signal0< void > queue_flushing_event
 Event that is fired whenever the queue wants to be flushed.

Private Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
LoadedQueue > 

Private Member Functions

judo::Element * loadFromDisk (const std::string &jid)
void pop (const std::string &jid, int pos)
void saveToDisk (const std::string &jid, const judo::Element &queue)
void saveToDisk ()

Private Attributes

std::string _gdir
LoadedQueueMap _loaded_queues
pqueue _queue
jabberoo::Session & _session


struct  fileToElems
struct  invalidQueue
struct  LoadedQueue
struct  notQueued
struct  QueueInfo
struct  QueueInfoTypeCompare
struct  saveToFile

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