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Gabber::RosterModel Class Reference

#include <OldRosterModel.hh>

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Detailed Description

Model for a Gtk::TreeView that is based on the roster state

Controls the access to organized RosterNode instances.

Definition at line 25 of file OldRosterModel.hh.

Public Types

typedef std::multimap
< jabberoo::Roster::Item
*, RosterNode * > 
typedef std::deque< int > Path
enum  SortType { rmSortAvailability, rmSortFullName }

Public Member Functions

void clear (void)
void clear ()
ItemNodeMap & get_item_map (void)
RosterNodeget_next_node (RosterNode &node)
RosterNodeget_node (Path &path)
Path get_path (RosterNode &node)
RosterNodeList & get_roster (void)
bool getHideOffline () const
SortType getSortType () const
bool getSortWithGroups () const
void refresh (void)
 RosterModel (jabberoo::Session &sess)
 RosterModel (jabberoo::Session &sess, bool hide_offline=true, bool sort_with_groups=true)
void set_default_colors (const Gdk::Color &fg_col, const Gdk::Color &bg_col, const Gdk::Color &sel_fg_col, const Gdk::Color &sel_bg_col)
 Set the default foreground color for items.
void set_hide_offline (bool hide)
void set_selected_jid (const std::string &jid)
void set_strategy (RosterStrategy *strat)
void setHideOffline (bool hide)
 Hide users that are offline.
void setSortType (SortType type)
void setSortWithGroups (bool use_groups)
 use groups in the sorting methods

Public Attributes

const ModelColumns columns
SigC::Signal2< void,
RosterNode &, Path & > 
SigC::Signal2< void,
RosterNode &, Path & > 
SigC::Signal2< void,
RosterNode &, Path & > 

Protected Member Functions

GType get_column_type_vfunc (int index)
Gtk::TreeModelFlags get_flags_vfunc ()
bool get_iter_vfunc (GtkTreeIter *iter, const TreeModel::Path &path)
int get_n_columns_vfunc ()
TreeModel::Path get_path_vfunc (const TreeModel::iterator &iter)
void get_value_impl (const iterator &row, int column, Glib::ValueBase &value) const
void get_value_vfunc (const TreeModel::iterator &iter, int column, GValue *value)
bool iter_children_vfunc (GtkTreeIter *iter, const GtkTreeIter *parent)
bool iter_has_child_vfunc (const GtkTreeIter *iter)
int iter_n_children_vfunc (const GtkTreeIter *iter)
bool iter_next_vfunc (GtkTreeIter *iter)
bool iter_nth_child_vfunc (GtkTreeIter *iter, const GtkTreeIter *parent, int n)
bool iter_parent_vfunc (GtkTreeIter *iter, const GtkTreeIter *child)
void on_packet_queued (const std::string &jid, const std::string &icon)
void on_queue_changed (const PacketQueue::QueueInfo &jid_next, const PacketQueue::QueueInfo &first)
void on_queue_emptied (const std::string &jid)
void on_removing_item (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
void on_roster_pres (const std::string &, bool available, jabberoo::Presence::Type prev_type)
void on_roster_refresh (void)
void on_roster_set (const judo::Element &elem)
void on_update_done (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
void on_updating_item (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
void ref_node_vfunc (GtkTreeIter *iter)
void set_value_impl (const iterator &row, int column, const Glib::ValueBase &value)
void unref_node_vfunc (GtkTreeIter *iter)

Private Types

typedef std::map
< Glib::ustring, RosterItems,
sortGroups > 
typedef std::map
< jabberoo::Roster::Item
*, ItemInfo
typedef std::set
< jabberoo::Roster::Item
*, sortNicknameJID > 

Private Member Functions

void addRosterItem (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
void clearIter (GtkTreeIter *iter)
void clearRosterItems (ModelItems::iterator mit)
void delRosterItem (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
bool do_roster_updates ()
bool fadeIn (jabberoo::Roster::Item *item)
bool fadeOut (jabberoo::Roster::Item *item)
std::string getJIDIcon (const std::string &jid)
Gtk::TreeModel::Path getPathFromIter (const GtkTreeIter *iter)
void on_connected (void)
void on_removing_item (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
void on_roster_pres (const std::string &jid, bool available, jabberoo::Presence::Type prev_type)
void on_update_done (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
void on_updating_item (jabberoo::Roster::Item &item)
void refresh ()
void set_queue_icon (const std::string &jid, const std::string &icon)

Private Attributes

DefaultColors _default_colors
bool _has_first_refresh
bool _hide_offline
RosterItemInfos _item_info
ModelItems _items
RosterItems _need_update
jabberoo::Roster & _roster
judo::XPath::Query * _roster_xpath
std::string _selected_jid
jabberoo::Session & _sess
SortType _sort_type
bool _sort_with_groups
bool _update_running
bool mHideOffline
ItemNodeMap mItemNodes
jabberoo::Roster & mRoster
RosterNodeList mRosterNodes
jabberoo::Session & mSession

Static Private Attributes

static RosterModel_Class rostermodel_class_


class RosterModel_Class


struct  DefaultColors
struct  InvalidNode
struct  InvalidPath
struct  ItemInfo
struct  ModelColumns
struct  sortGroups
struct  sortNicknameJID

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