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Gabber::StatusIcon Class Reference

#include <StatusIcon.hh>

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Detailed Description

A tray icon indicating the current status. This is for the main GabberApp and GabberWin. Additional connections will have to implement their own.

Definition at line 46 of file StatusIcon.hh.

Public Member Functions

void clicked ()
 StatusIcon (GabberWin *gwin)
 StatusIcon (GabberWin *gwin)
 StatusIcon (GabberWin *gwin)

Protected Member Functions

void init ()
void init ()
void init_queue ()
bool on_button_press (GdkEventButton *e)
void on_my_presence (const jabberoo::Presence &p)
void on_my_presence (const jabberoo::Presence &p)
void on_packet_queued (const std::string &jid, const std::string &icon)
void on_packet_queued (const std::string &who, const std::string &icon)
bool on_queue_button_press (GdkEventButton *e)
void on_queue_changed (const PacketQueue::QueueInfo &jid_first, const PacketQueue::QueueInfo &first)
void on_queue_changed (const PacketQueue::QueueInfo &next_pack, const PacketQueue::QueueInfo &top_pack)
void on_queue_emptied (const std::string &jid)
void on_queue_emptied (const std::string &who)
bool swapIcons ()

Private Member Functions

void systray_change_icon (HICON icon, const char *text)
HWND systray_create_hiddenwin ()
void systray_init_icon (HWND hWnd, HICON icon)
void systray_remove_nid (void)

Private Attributes

bool _blinking
Gtk::EventBox * _evt_queue
Gtk::EventBox * _evt_status
Gtk::Image * _img_queue
Gtk::Image * _img_status
HICON _normal_icon
std::string _normal_msg
HICON _prev_icon
HICON _queue_icon
Gtk::Container * _queue_icon
EggTrayIcon * _queue_icon_egg
std::string _queue_msg
bool _queued
Gtk::Container * _status_icon
EggTrayIcon * _status_icon_egg
SigC::Connection _timer
Gtk::Tooltips _tips

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