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TCPTransmitter::TCPTransmitter Class Reference

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Detailed Description

TCP handling class.  This is designed to interact with Gtk+

Definition at line 6 of file TCPTransmitter.py.

Public Member Functions

def __del__
def __init__
def connect
def disconnect
def doReconnect
def handleConnect
def handleError
 IO Callbacks.
def handleSocketEvent
def listen
def send

Public Attributes

 Make sure we don't magically get callsed again.
 Stop any pending event.
 We're clear, switch to SSL mode if we want to.
 And lame-o was his name-o.

Static Public Attributes

int Accepting = 5
int Connected = 3
int Connecting = 1
int Error = 6
tuple evtAccepted = JabberOO.Signal0_void()
tuple evtCanSendMore = JabberOO.Signal0_void()
tuple evtConnected = JabberOO.Signal0_void()
tuple evtDataAvailable = JabberOO.Signal2_v_ccp_i()
tuple evtDataSent = JabberOO.Signal1_v_i()
tuple evtDisconnected = JabberOO.Signal0_void()
tuple evtError = JabberOO.Signal1_v_ccp()
 Event properties.
tuple evtReconnect = JabberOO.Signal0_void()
int Listening = 4
int Offline = 0
int ProxyConnecting = 7
int Reconnecting = 2
string send_buffer = ""

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